Where Does Food Come From?

This week our food detectives set out to discuss and solve the question, where does our food come from? The answer I mostly heard was that it came from the grocery store or restaurant. The students knew the food was on their plate because their family made it or bought it. However they didn't actually think about it any further than that. Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Sure you buy it in the store, but how did it get there? Our food detectives traced the path of their food all the way back to the farm. Wanting to test this new knowledge, we played a game called "It came from what?" The students knew where apples and vegetables came from but hesitated when it came to chick peas. They, probioslim, now know beans are a type of plant food, read more probioslim.

After all this detecting work our students needed some nourishment, which we provided in the form of three different types of apples and sliced raw beets. I know people usually roast or cook beets but trust me they are delicious and crunchy when raw. One of our fifth grade girls in the Bronx had never tried beets before and seemed a little nervous. She inspected her beet first and upon trying it found she loved it! We encourage all of you to try some new raw whole foods this week and you can get started by checking out the Recipes section for our ABC Salad. Enjoy!

Introduction to Food UnEarthed

What are some categories of healthy food we should be eating more of? What are some unhealthy ingredients found in packaged foods? How do food companies market their food so we will want to buy it? These are just some of the questions we asked of our students in our first week back in the classroom. Many of them did not know the answers but we assured them they would by the end of the school year. The students committed to our mission by pledging to become food detectives and critical thinkers. We then presented them with their first detective case! They had to use some of their senses to guess the ingredients in our super sleuth smoothie. Check out our Recipes section to learn the answer and make one for yourself. Enjoy!


The Coalition for Healthy School Food starts another exciting school year with our program, Food UnEarthed: Uncovering the Truth About Food. In this program we ask our students to become critical thinking food detectives. They are challenged to ask questions as they discover how to become a healthier individual. We also encourage them to think about how they can create a healthier community, nation and planet for the future. Have you ever thought about all the information you hear about food and nutrition? Are you sure it's all the truth? As we embark on this journey please feel free to check in to see what our students have experienced as well as getting some new recipes to experiment with. Each month we will also offer a family fitness challenge that you can partake in alone or with the whole family. Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to start asking questions and make changes in your life as well. Welcome to the mission!