I am 53 and have a hip replaced 5 years ago; this product is actually the first pill that gave me some relief. I don't feel any pains in my joints now, and can move easier due to this. I have tried many other supplements but many of them were inefficient or/and had too many side effects to deal with. I decided to try this one because it was all natural and I assumed it to be harmless. I'm very satisfied with this product.

I have arthritis which used to give me daily pain in my joints, mostly in my hands and finger, but sometimes also in hips and knees. This product gives me relief. I feel much better after using it for two months: the pains have almost disappeared, my joints are much more flexible, and the overall feeling is better. So I am going to continue taking the capsules and recommend it to everyone - they work and they are safe.

I am in my mid-sixties, so, naturally, my bones are not so strong any more, and I have some issues with my joints from time to time: they feel sore and stiff. ArthriD seems to be perfect solution for me: I have been on it for 5 weeks and I see the great difference. It is a very good supplement containing vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and enzymes, so it has a lot of benefits for the body in general, not just for joints and bones. I give it five stars.

I started taking this supplement after my doctor prescribed it to me, and it does give me some relief from joint pain, but in general, the product is not as good as it is claimed to be. It doesn't kill the joint pain completely, plus it causes occasional headaches and sometimes even nausea. I don't say that the side effects are that severe and intolerable, but still, the price the manufacturer company charges for this product is too high. It is not a magical pill to sell it for such a price.

I used to take this pill for a month without any result at all. I saw the commercial and read about the product on the internet; all the positive reviews and the lack of any significant side effects convinced me to buy it. However, the capsules didn't do what they were supposed to do. I mean nothing at all! I still had that terrible pain in my joints, but I waited patiently and continued taking the capsules for some more time, without any positive changes in my condition. I gave up on these capsules eventually - they're just a waste of money.

This product didn't help me with my arthritis, but gave me really bad headaches and some other quite unpleasant side effects such as occasional diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. So, I decided to send the bottle back to the company and get my refund, but they still haven't respond to me. This product seems to be a scum. Save your money, people, and don't trust the commercials. I bought these capsules because of the commercial on TV, and I regret about having done this a lot.